Friday, December 28, 2007

New Hobby

I have been doing this for the past few months, so I guess it isn't new anymore, but I have been so busy with everything that I haven't picked it up for a while. It is Hem-stitching/crocheting. My Mom's neighbor is a pro at this and offered to teach me. It takes a little practice, but I really enjoy it and I don't care if it makes me seem old. I don't really like just sitting still, so this is a good thing that makes me feel less lazy while watching TV and working on one. I have yet to attack a blanket, but it won't be long. I have a couple of friends who are expecting. Anyway, if anybody else who happens to read this also has this hobby, share some of your pattern ideas so that I can branch out. Thanks!
By the way, when I took this picture, I hadn't started on the cowboy fabric yet, but I am finished now and it is my favorite one yet. I just think that fabric is so great.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The mind of a child

Why is it that children are able to create something so entertaining and imaginative out of nothing? Why is it that something as simple as the idea of a jolly old man who brings gifts can create such excitement, wonder and unquestionable faith?
Children are amazing to me. Their innocence, purity, and love for everything good is astounding. I know one little girl in particular who has brought the life back into a house that, for a moment, was overwhelmed with sorrow. What an amazing gift children are. And what an amazing gift they have to bring life, purpose, understanding, forgiveness, excitement and so much more. Looking through the eyes of a child, things seem so simple, and less overwhelming.
It is so funny to see the things that Eden comes up with. She made this "christmas train" out of books and members of our nativities around the house. She was very meticulous about how she lined up the books and wouldn't let me clean it up until close to dinner time.
Christmas morning with a child that is fully aware of what is coming and has been talking about it for months, is so exciting. Jer and I were more excited Christmas morning than she was. Normally, this girl who is so anxious for each day to begin, wakes up around 6 am. We must have worn her out at our family party the night before because she was still snoozing away at 7:15.....very uncommon for her. Jer and I, on the other hand, were literally like two kids on Christmas morning and couldn't wait for her to wake up so we woke her. It was just as much fun as we excpected.
We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are so thankful for family, our Savior, and children who keep things in perspective and are a daily reminder of the love of our Heavenly Father and the reason why we are here on the earth. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Little Behind

I have been thinking for the past couple of weeks about doing a Christmas card, but it really never sounded appealing. Christmas cards are usually one of my favorite things. I am not a scrap-booker, in any sense of the word, but love to make homemade cards but this year I haven't felt "inspired" (if you will) by the idea of doing one. Don't get me wrong...I love Christmas time and have especially enjoyed preparing for it this year since Eden is old enough now to understand it and is very much looking forward to the big day. Also, I have loved reading all of the creative and great cards that have been sent our way...I'm just not in the mood for card making, I guess.
I am thinking instead of doing a New Year's one and looking ahead at goals and things to come as well as just enjoying where we are at (even though it has been a rough road...good, but rough).
Anyway, am I lame for not wanting to do a Christmas card or letter?
I don't know. Sometimes, I like to break out of the crowd and do something of my own accord and unexpected. I guess that is where I'm coming from...who knows? So, you may or may not be receiving a New Year's card from the family. For now, this picture says it all. This has been the exact expression that crosses my mind when thinking about doing a Christmas card.
By the way, isn't she gorgeous? Even with the funny look on her face, I think she is stunning, but obviously, I am a little biased.

Monday, December 17, 2007

What a month!

It has been a long time since I have gotten on here to post anything whatsoever....never mind pictures. I did include a few shots from a session that I did just before we moved into our house. It was a really neat family who is related to one of my best friends (thanks, Sarah!). They have two twin boys with special needs, and a sweet little girl. It was a challenge, but definitely in a good way. The lighting was the big challenge because the sun started setting around 5:00, which I did not expect.
I only talked with the family briefly, but could already tell what an amazing spirit they carried with them. So, thanks for the opportunity, and I really hope that you enjoy your pictures. I think we got some good ones.
Anyway, it has been quite the month as most of you know. I am not sure if anybody ever reads this blog outside of my close friends, but we have had a very busy month with ups and downs. Including telling our family that we were expecting, moving into our new house which we love, then a few weeks later going through the horrible experience of losing our baby. I am comfortable sharing this very personal information because we had told so many people we were expecting, thinking we were safe being 10 weeks. So, we had to tell people that we lost the pregnancy. And, because I think in some way it is therapeutic to talk about it even a little. It was our second pregnancy since Eden that ended in miscarriage, but was much further along than the first. It was awful, and we wouldn't wish it on anybody, but have really felt peace and strength from heaven, and have been able to just keep on going....what else can you do, right?
Anyway, that is as much as needs to be said. Needless to say, posting on the blog has been the last thing on my mind. We have been busy with endless projects around the house (which are still never-ending, and I think always will be), but have really enjoyed making it our home. I will include some shots around the house when we get a little more settled. Eden is in a big girl bed now which is insane to me. I held onto the crib as long as possible.
Our ward has been so welcoming and kind, which we are so grateful for and Eden has really loved having her own home with Grandma and Grandpa not too far away.

Friday, November 16, 2007

New Favorite

This has nothing to do with photography, but thought I would share anyway. A lot of my friends are very devoted and interesting bloggers....I'm just not one of them. I love reading other blogs and love writing in my journal, but when I know that really anybody could read what I write, I get very intimidated and tend to clam, I just stick with the pen and ink thing.
Moving on....I love watching movies as long as Eden is sleeping and I can either be at the theater with Jeremy or downstairs with the lights out and the volume up. My attempt to imitate the theater experience while wearing my PJ's in my own home (well, for now, my Mom's home....but not for long!!).
Anyway, I just thought I would share a new favorite. Jeremy and I went to a movie for our date-night last Friday (yes, having a built-in babysitter has paid off significantly). We saw the movie "Dan in Real Life", a romantic comedy. If you haven't seen this yet, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!! It was excellent. Both Jeremy and I loved it and plan on buying it when it comes out. It is hysterical and so sweet. Best of all, it is very clean (a must for me). I honestly do not know why it was rated PG-13. Maybe they were just trying to attract an older audience or something.
It was great though and I highly recommend it to everybody, which is hard to do these days. Great, clean movies are hard to come by, but this is one of them. So, get a babysitter, splurge and buy those ridiculously priced movie tickets sit back, and get ready to laugh.

Monday, November 12, 2007

First Paying Gig

And...we're back. I haven't posted new photos for a while. I did this session the day before we left for Oregon. This is a friend of my sisters. They have 2 of the cutest little girls I have ever seen. And man, have they got style. They were so fun to shoot. Their youngest kept me running, but we pulled off some good shots even though she only held still for about the first 5 minutes. I was a little nervous when I did the shoot, because the sun went down a lot sooner than I expected it to, so it was quite dark. I think it added a cool ambiance to it though. After all we are going into winter, so the cool colors worked well. I hope you like them, Amber. Thanks again! Thanks to my sister, Jules, as well for being my "special helper". It really helped a lot.
By the way, Amber's husband does custom made frames as a hobby and is really good. Let me know if you need a hook-up.Aren't these girls beautiful? Blonde hair and dark brown eyes...gorgeous!

I was going for the vintage look on the one above. Do you like?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My little princess

I really didn't take many pictures on Halloween because we were up in Oregon and i was very distracted with everything that was going on. It was a blast, and Eden had the time of her life playing with her cousins. They are so good with her. I need to get some pictures from my parents camera because I know that they took quite a few. This will do for now though...just a shot of Eden with her Cinderella costume on at one of the many Halloween parties she attended.
Be prepared for an overload of pictures one of these days....I did my first paying gig for one of my sister's friends. And, I took family photos of my brother's family while we were in Oregon. I will work on getting those posted one of these days.
Also, if you haven't heard, we are closing on a house here on the 19th!!!! Hooray! We are so excited and truly feel so blessed and grateful for the Lord's hand in our lives each and every day. He truly does listen to and answer prayers even though it is in His timing, which is always the best timing for us. The next month or so is going to be jam packed full of wonderful things. I love Thanksgiving (it is by far my most favorite holiday), and we close on our house and move in the same week. Isn't that great?!?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bring it on!

As many of you know, it took us around 7 months to sell our house in TX. It might not sound like that long and in retrospect, it flew by, but let's just say it was long enough. We decided to take a break from the whole house issue for a month so we could recover financially and emotionally. It was a much needed and much appreciated break, it has given me a chance to get my sense of humor back (I don't know if that is a good thing or not, it can be dangerous!) but now we are back in action. The funny thing is that Jeremy doesn't know it yet. Ha! He has been in Georgia for the past 3 days for work and I really only decided yesterday that we needed to look at houses this weekend before Eden and I go out of town next week. So, surprise Jer....the house hunt begins. Your favorite thing!
The market has slowed down a lot here, luckily. So, I am very grateful and am beginning to recognize the blessing that it will be to buy a house now, instead 6 months ago. Prices are still crazy expensive, but we're both pretty frugal so that would probably be the case anywhere.
Eden has been so funny when I try to explain to her that we won't be living at Grandma & Grandpa's house forever. I think she might think that all kids live with one of the grandma's.
I have told her that when we move into our own house, she will have her own big-girl bed. The other day, she was explaining it to my Mom and this is basically what she said with the cutest look on her face and her usual animated voice fluctuations:
"Grandma, when I get a new house, I won't have to sleep in my crib with the tent anymore and I can just get up in the morning....I won't have to climb out!"
Seriously, is she only 2? Hilarious! At least to me, but I am definitely biased.
We are definitely excited to have our own space ( I am already collecting decorating ideas), but are definitely grateful that we don't necessarily have to be in a hurry. Jeremy is a very, very patient person. Me....not so much. So, we make a good combination when we meet somewhere in the middle.
So, here's to house hunting....wish us luck:)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall leaves

Isn't this gorgeous? This photo is completely raw....nothing touched up in photoshop. This is a glimpse of what that great lens can do. The composition isn't all that interesting, but I just wanted to capture how gorgeous the colors are. I love the fall, but am not a fan of the cold that is coming. It snowed yesterday for heaven's sake! It still hasn't all melted. Oh well. Without the winter, I probably wouldn't appreciate the other 3 seasons as much.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wicked-Awesome Lens Pt. 2

Wicked-Awesome Lens

Last weekend, I rented a $1400 lens from pictureline for only 30 bucks. It was a Canon 70 mm f/2.8 for you photo buffs. It was so fun to play with a real lens. I have been using the lens that came with the camera, and it is fine, and i can make good things come of it. This lens was incredible though. I barely had to touch these pictures because the color was so great with this lens. I really wanted more time to figure out what it could do (I only had a taste), but I am sure that I will be renting it again soon.
I took my in-laws family pictures. 2 families of six in one sitting.....I don't recommend it. They were great, don't get me wrong. I just felt bad having one family sitting around while I am trying to get good shots of the other. Next time, I will just do one at a time. Their families are beautiful, as you can see. And no, Jeremy looks nothing like his sister and brother (both brown hair and olive skin). I will post two separate posts because there are so many shots. That's what happens when you have a sweet lens and a lot of subjects. I think that we got some great shots. Thanks again my other family!

Friday, October 12, 2007


I did a family photo first real one! Although, it was my sister's family, but it still counts. I am getting a little more confident, but still have a hard time deciding how to position people and all of that jazz. Lighting and focusing correctly can still be an issue, but I feel like I learn something or a lot of new things every time I do one of these sessions. We had about an hour of daylight and I think we got some great shots.
Their girl's are so cute, and were really good the whole time. Their youngest is such a goof off, and their oldest had the funniest perma-smile on her face almost the whole time. It was great. Thanks Jules!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Back in action

My friend, Brooke, was in town for a couple of days from Colorado. She has a little girl who is about 15 months. I haven't done a "session" for quite a while. I offered to practice on her little girl while we were at Gardner village. It was fun to get back into action. I love the fall time. She is so adorable. Love the cheeks! She was quite the wiggler though, and really didn't want to look at the camera. She was too busy exploring. I think we got a few good shots though. It was fun to see you again, Brooke!I think my camera mis focused on the above picture....oops. One of my greatest annoyances.
Isn't she so sweet?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My, how she's grown!

I have really been enjoying my time alone with Eden these past 4 days. My parents are out of town and Jeremy is out of town for business. So, it is just the two of us most of the time. I have been so calm and relaxed and have really loved every moment with Eden. She is such a sweetheart.
It made me start to think about how fast the last few years have gone. I mean....she's almost three! I thought we would have at least 2 and maybe one on the way by now. I miss my baby often, but it is so much fun to watch her grow up and learn. She is growing up way too fast!!