Thursday, December 27, 2007

The mind of a child

Why is it that children are able to create something so entertaining and imaginative out of nothing? Why is it that something as simple as the idea of a jolly old man who brings gifts can create such excitement, wonder and unquestionable faith?
Children are amazing to me. Their innocence, purity, and love for everything good is astounding. I know one little girl in particular who has brought the life back into a house that, for a moment, was overwhelmed with sorrow. What an amazing gift children are. And what an amazing gift they have to bring life, purpose, understanding, forgiveness, excitement and so much more. Looking through the eyes of a child, things seem so simple, and less overwhelming.
It is so funny to see the things that Eden comes up with. She made this "christmas train" out of books and members of our nativities around the house. She was very meticulous about how she lined up the books and wouldn't let me clean it up until close to dinner time.
Christmas morning with a child that is fully aware of what is coming and has been talking about it for months, is so exciting. Jer and I were more excited Christmas morning than she was. Normally, this girl who is so anxious for each day to begin, wakes up around 6 am. We must have worn her out at our family party the night before because she was still snoozing away at 7:15.....very uncommon for her. Jer and I, on the other hand, were literally like two kids on Christmas morning and couldn't wait for her to wake up so we woke her. It was just as much fun as we excpected.
We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are so thankful for family, our Savior, and children who keep things in perspective and are a daily reminder of the love of our Heavenly Father and the reason why we are here on the earth. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

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rangersRus said...

Eden has grown up so much! She is sooo cute:) What a cute book train for all of the nativity people!