Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Little Behind

I have been thinking for the past couple of weeks about doing a Christmas card, but it really never sounded appealing. Christmas cards are usually one of my favorite things. I am not a scrap-booker, in any sense of the word, but love to make homemade cards but this year I haven't felt "inspired" (if you will) by the idea of doing one. Don't get me wrong...I love Christmas time and have especially enjoyed preparing for it this year since Eden is old enough now to understand it and is very much looking forward to the big day. Also, I have loved reading all of the creative and great cards that have been sent our way...I'm just not in the mood for card making, I guess.
I am thinking instead of doing a New Year's one and looking ahead at goals and things to come as well as just enjoying where we are at (even though it has been a rough road...good, but rough).
Anyway, am I lame for not wanting to do a Christmas card or letter?
I don't know. Sometimes, I like to break out of the crowd and do something of my own accord and unexpected. I guess that is where I'm coming from...who knows? So, you may or may not be receiving a New Year's card from the family. For now, this picture says it all. This has been the exact expression that crosses my mind when thinking about doing a Christmas card.
By the way, isn't she gorgeous? Even with the funny look on her face, I think she is stunning, but obviously, I am a little biased.

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rangersRus said...

I agree with you- she is gorgeous:) Have a very merry Christmas!!