Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My, how she's grown!

I have really been enjoying my time alone with Eden these past 4 days. My parents are out of town and Jeremy is out of town for business. So, it is just the two of us most of the time. I have been so calm and relaxed and have really loved every moment with Eden. She is such a sweetheart.
It made me start to think about how fast the last few years have gone. I mean....she's almost three! I thought we would have at least 2 and maybe one on the way by now. I miss my baby often, but it is so much fun to watch her grow up and learn. She is growing up way too fast!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No pictures, just thoughts

So, I've been thinking a lot lately...probably too much. I haven't been out for a while to take any really good shots. I have been taking a few snapshots of Eden, but am still so preoccupied with other "issues" that photography has been put on the back-burner. Aside from the fact that I don't have extra money right now to splurge on a good lens or a good editing program, I feel a little overwhelmed right now. I really feel like I have a deep passion for it, but wonder if it is a good use of so much of my time. It's all about balance, I guess.
Most of you who look at this blog know me well enough to know that we are living with my parents right now. We have been here for nearly 7 months! We moved back from Texas after only 6 months there because of Jer's unexpected job changes. We really do feel so blessed to have been there even though it was for such a short time and I do miss it at times. I miss the people that we became friends with and that were in our wonderful ward there. I miss having a house of my own, but that is not a big deal, just an inconvenience. However, Jeremy loves his job and they love him. Also, we are incredibly relieved because we finally are closing on our house in TX this week. What an answer to so many prayers.
It has been such an odd time for me because I am back in the home that I grew up in, resisting the temptation to slip back into childhood habits, trying to establish some sort of routine....which is all but impossible in this crazy house where there are always people coming and going and multiple plans attempting to be achieved. We haven't felt settled for what seems like a long time. Although my parents are so easy to live with and we are so grateful for their kindness and love, I am definitely looking forward to having my own space and routine where I don't have to worry about imposing on anybody.
I am just rambling now....sorry! Jeremy is out of town for work and he is usually the person that I ramble to. So much thinking (too much!) I have to have an outlet, I guess.
Anyway, that, among other things, has been keeping me from some of my interests such as photography. I will say that it has been so fun to spend so much time with my sweet Eden. She is just growing up so fast, learning something new every day it seems. We have been laughing so much these past couple of days. She really has such an imagination! She is always telling me stories about her dolls or about something that she did a while ago (which is always "yesterday"). Her new thing is that when she sees a toy that she wants, she says "Maybe Christmas could bring that to me!" I could go on and on about the funny things that she says and does...I will spare you. I definitely am so blessed and so grateful to be a mother. What an awesome responsibility! Overwhelming at times, yes! But wonderful! It really gives me a daily opportunity to have a glimpse into the eternities and into how our Heavenly Father feels about each of us. What an amazing gift! I am so grateful for her and for Jeremy, who works so hard so that I can stay at home and fulfill that role completely. Although life has its trials and unexplained challenges, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

more baby pics

One of my best friends that I grew up with and lived with at Utah State came to visit her family last week. She has a 6 week old baby girl who is so beautiful (not a surprise since Emily herself is gorgeous!). We did a little photo session in her parents back yard while she was here. She is such a good baby. So patient with us while we dressed and undressed her and kept snatching her pacifier. It was so fun to see Em as a Mom. I miss you already Butler! Thanks again for letting me practice on you. I will share some of my favorites, although there were so many good shots to choose from. She is so sweet.
Check out this baby girls' hair and cute chubby cheeks!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Another sweet newborn

One of my best friends little sister (who is like my little sister too) had her first baby a few weeks ago. She let me come over and practice on him. I was a little frustrated with myself because I was so not feeling the creative juices flowing. I think I was a little burnt out from doing the bridals, but my friend helped me with ideas for composition. I think they turned out pretty well. I still need to work on getting things in focus, because some of my best pictures are ruined because they come out a little soft. Still learning. Isn't this little boy so sweet though? It makes me even more baby-hungry....if that is possible.

Aside from the obviously adorable baby, isn't she gorgeous?!!

He was such a trooper....Thanks Cynthia!