Monday, October 11, 2010


Ha!  I think that phrase 'BFF' is hilariously corny.  I actually took some photos this week of somebody other than my kids....are you proud?  You should be....I am ;)
My life-long friend, Sara, called and asked if I could meet her someplace and snap a few quick family shots for her.  I am 39 weeks pregnant and playing the waiting game, so this was a good distraction.
She wanted her photos in B&W because of an existing family photo wall she has in her home.  I edited them in color and B&W just for some variety.
It was literally a 20 min. escapade of trying to fight the wind and getting the kids to cooperate.  She has such a gorgeous family that I knew we couldn't go wrong no matter how it all went down.  Here are just a couple of the favorites.  Thanks Sara!   I hope you like them.