Monday, July 25, 2011

Just a couple more

I finally finished the rest of my friends' photos.  This baby is lovely!  Those cheeks!  That fuzzy hair!  What a little angel on earth :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweet Baby Girl

A friend of mine had her first little girl a few weeks ago.  She was 11 lbs.!  Came out with chubby cheeks and a full head of dark hair.  So cute!  I was privileged to be able to take a few photos of her in her home.  Here are a few that I have had time to post-process.  Isn't she gorgeous?  It makes me want another little squirt, except right now I am listening to my baby girl try to go back to sleep after being woken by the annoying fireworks.  Babies are adorable for a reason....they are a lot of work and we need that cute-factor as payoff for all that we put in to taking care of them.  I will post some more photos of this sweet baby girl when I have a chance. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back in Action!

I have decided to try taking photos for other families again.  I still feel so un-qualified to do so, but I learn something new every time and it pushes me out of my comfort zone, so I keep doing it.
This family is friends with my sister and were so laid back and easy to work with.  I don't know if I have ever photographed such well-behaved children.
I didn't rent a fancy lens this time, just used my lens that I purchased last year and it did a pretty good job.  I still prefer the fancy lens, of course, for it's speed and open-ness, but this saved everyone a little cash.
I shot the photos in RAW, which I hadn't done before...I don't know why?  I did have some issues when I imported the RAW files into Lightroom.  There was this layer of noise on all of my photos.  I have not had this problem before....ever.  I still don't know what I did wrong (anybody?), but I'm thankful that Lightroom has a noise reduction option, or I would be a total stress case.

Here are a few images that I captured.  Not perfect, but like I said...I am always learning: