Friday, November 18, 2011

Family Photo Swap

A friend of mine, who is also a photography hobbyist, and I have decided to periodically do a family photo trade so that we can both be more on the ball about being in front of the camera once in a while, instead of always behind.
 We decided to do this a little too late in the season, but are determined to have at least one family photo this year.  They braved the snowy cold day as bravely as anybody could, but I think I only ended up snapping 10-12 photos and of those came out with 4 that are decent because this family is so lovely.  Here are my 2 favorites:

Photos for Friends

I am finally posting some photos that I took for a friend almost a month ago.  I couldn't pick a few favorites, so you get a picture overload of many of my favorites.  This little Man of theirs was one of the cutest kids I have ever photographed!  Thanks for asking me to take your photos guys!