Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have been using a new program to edit my photos. It is Lightroom by Adobe. It is designed by photographers, for photographers and is really easy to use. I don't know that i would call myself a "photographer", but i like to take photos. I have loved this program so much more for the basics. Like I've said before, I am not computer savvy or motivated to learn the technicalities of the computer. I guess that is the artist part of me (or the lazy part....I can't decide). Photoshop was always very overwhelming even though i learned a few great things on that program. I still use it for the more involved edits, but for the most part Lightroom will do everything that I want to do. My favorite part is that it has it's own pre-sets which would be the equivalent of Actions in Photoshop. You should all try it out. There is a free-trial available of the Beta version.
These photos of my little brother and his family were edited in Lightroom. His little girl is the niece that I watch every day. She is such a good baby. She has the funniest little personality that is starting to present itself more and more. Very feisty. And, as you can see, very photogenic.


I have not really been feeling up to blogging lately. I'm not very good at it anyway, but have been really bad lately. So, for the few of you who read this sad excuse for a blog, I apologize.
I may be blogging a lot more now because of my Mother's day present. Jer surprised me with a new laptop. I am so not computer-savy, but have really enjoyed the convenience of it. I love that I can sit and relax on the couch, watch a movie, and work on photos on the laptop. I am a born multi-tasker, so this fits right in to my personality.
Anyway, the pictures are a few more from the session with Sara and her cute family.