Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My little princess

I really didn't take many pictures on Halloween because we were up in Oregon and i was very distracted with everything that was going on. It was a blast, and Eden had the time of her life playing with her cousins. They are so good with her. I need to get some pictures from my parents camera because I know that they took quite a few. This will do for now though...just a shot of Eden with her Cinderella costume on at one of the many Halloween parties she attended.
Be prepared for an overload of pictures one of these days....I did my first paying gig for one of my sister's friends. And, I took family photos of my brother's family while we were in Oregon. I will work on getting those posted one of these days.
Also, if you haven't heard, we are closing on a house here on the 19th!!!! Hooray! We are so excited and truly feel so blessed and grateful for the Lord's hand in our lives each and every day. He truly does listen to and answer prayers even though it is in His timing, which is always the best timing for us. The next month or so is going to be jam packed full of wonderful things. I love Thanksgiving (it is by far my most favorite holiday), and we close on our house and move in the same week. Isn't that great?!?


Brooke said...

Boy! You have LOTS of exciting news! Your little Cinderella is beautiful! Her light hair and blue eyes are so pretty! And...a paying gig? Yeah! I'll be excited to see pictures. And...congratulations on the house! I had no idea you'd found one. You'll have to post (or e-mail) pictures.

Brent and Emily said...

Cute costume!!! found a house. That is SO exciting!!! Let me know more about it - location, pictures, all the goods.

rangersRus said...

WOW that closing was fast- just the other day you wrote a post on looking for a house- and now you are CLOSING!! I'm so excited for you!! You will have to put up pics once all is done:) Eden looks too cute!

mindyandryan said...

Congrats on your house! How exciting!
Eden is getting so big and what a cutie!

Take care!