Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bring it on!

As many of you know, it took us around 7 months to sell our house in TX. It might not sound like that long and in retrospect, it flew by, but let's just say it was long enough. We decided to take a break from the whole house issue for a month so we could recover financially and emotionally. It was a much needed and much appreciated break, it has given me a chance to get my sense of humor back (I don't know if that is a good thing or not, it can be dangerous!) but now we are back in action. The funny thing is that Jeremy doesn't know it yet. Ha! He has been in Georgia for the past 3 days for work and I really only decided yesterday that we needed to look at houses this weekend before Eden and I go out of town next week. So, surprise Jer....the house hunt begins. Your favorite thing!
The market has slowed down a lot here, luckily. So, I am very grateful and am beginning to recognize the blessing that it will be to buy a house now, instead 6 months ago. Prices are still crazy expensive, but we're both pretty frugal so that would probably be the case anywhere.
Eden has been so funny when I try to explain to her that we won't be living at Grandma & Grandpa's house forever. I think she might think that all kids live with one of the grandma's.
I have told her that when we move into our own house, she will have her own big-girl bed. The other day, she was explaining it to my Mom and this is basically what she said with the cutest look on her face and her usual animated voice fluctuations:
"Grandma, when I get a new house, I won't have to sleep in my crib with the tent anymore and I can just get up in the morning....I won't have to climb out!"
Seriously, is she only 2? Hilarious! At least to me, but I am definitely biased.
We are definitely excited to have our own space ( I am already collecting decorating ideas), but are definitely grateful that we don't necessarily have to be in a hurry. Jeremy is a very, very patient person. Me....not so much. So, we make a good combination when we meet somewhere in the middle.
So, here's to house hunting....wish us luck:)


Brooke said...

Good luck! I hope you have more success than we did here (as far as finding what you want in your price range). At least you have a lot of areas to search. Keep us posted!

rangersRus said...

YEAH!! How fun! I'm so excited you can start looking again and that your house in Texas sold!:) Have fun shopping around and moving into your own space!

Brent and Emily said...

Good luck! What an exciting and fun job!!! I can't wait until we are doing that.