Friday, October 12, 2007


I did a family photo first real one! Although, it was my sister's family, but it still counts. I am getting a little more confident, but still have a hard time deciding how to position people and all of that jazz. Lighting and focusing correctly can still be an issue, but I feel like I learn something or a lot of new things every time I do one of these sessions. We had about an hour of daylight and I think we got some great shots.
Their girl's are so cute, and were really good the whole time. Their youngest is such a goof off, and their oldest had the funniest perma-smile on her face almost the whole time. It was great. Thanks Jules!


Brooke said...

so cute! I love them! What a great sister you are! I really liked the couples shots. They were cute and show that they're still in love without being cheesy. You're doing great! I've gotten a lot of compliments on your pics of Ellee on my site.

rangersRus said...

Seriously Andrea! Once again- your shots are breathtaking!! I'm so happy you have found this natural talent, and that you can share it with others! I love seeing all the pictures you take:)

sunburned said...

I'm jealous. These are some gorgeous pictures. And I want some of my family!!! Who wouldn't after seeing what you do. Annie, you do have a gift. They really are some neat shots.