Friday, November 16, 2007

New Favorite

This has nothing to do with photography, but thought I would share anyway. A lot of my friends are very devoted and interesting bloggers....I'm just not one of them. I love reading other blogs and love writing in my journal, but when I know that really anybody could read what I write, I get very intimidated and tend to clam, I just stick with the pen and ink thing.
Moving on....I love watching movies as long as Eden is sleeping and I can either be at the theater with Jeremy or downstairs with the lights out and the volume up. My attempt to imitate the theater experience while wearing my PJ's in my own home (well, for now, my Mom's home....but not for long!!).
Anyway, I just thought I would share a new favorite. Jeremy and I went to a movie for our date-night last Friday (yes, having a built-in babysitter has paid off significantly). We saw the movie "Dan in Real Life", a romantic comedy. If you haven't seen this yet, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!! It was excellent. Both Jeremy and I loved it and plan on buying it when it comes out. It is hysterical and so sweet. Best of all, it is very clean (a must for me). I honestly do not know why it was rated PG-13. Maybe they were just trying to attract an older audience or something.
It was great though and I highly recommend it to everybody, which is hard to do these days. Great, clean movies are hard to come by, but this is one of them. So, get a babysitter, splurge and buy those ridiculously priced movie tickets sit back, and get ready to laugh.


Brooke said...

yeah!...I always like movie suggestions. We'll have to remember that one!

rangersRus said...

I want to see that movie SOO bad! Chet and I have been in love with Steve Carell ever since he was on the Daily Show back in the day! Thanks for the review- we'll have to make that a movie to see:)

Brent and Emily said...

We checked out a preview for this movie and it looks pretty funny. We are definitely going to check it out. Thanks for the review - its always nice to find a good movie out there. P.S. Congratulations!!! You are going to have so much fun taking pictures of your new little one when its born.

rangersRus said...

Yeah--- I heard some great news about you too!! I expect to see lots and lots of updates:)