Monday, August 27, 2007

Bridals....first attempt!

I had my first experience doing a bridal session. My cousin got married last Saturday and she let me practice on her. I have decided that I don't really want to do weddings or bridals very often. It is way too much pressure and stress for me. They turned out very nice for my first time though. Some better than others, of course. Isn't she gorgeous though? She had a beautiful dress. I was a little disappointed because I should have corrected for how white her dress is, but haven't quite figured out the gray card thing yet. Oh will come. Enjoy the numerous photos.


Melanie said...

They look Awesome! Memory Grove is one of my favorite places for bridals. The lighting is nice also. Hope you weren't too stressed and enjoyed it a little, because they turned out great, I hope she was happy with them.

Brooke said...

Man! If only I had known you when I got married! Those are gorgeous! I never got bridals, but if mine would have turned out that nice, I would have. Great job! I'm loving all the're a talented gal!