Thursday, August 9, 2007

Summer Days

Ahhh, the days of summer. Kids running around half-dressed, covered in stickiness from whatever they deem worthy of their indulgence, and parents stressed about getting them to bed in time and finding a moment of peace to themselves.
My brother and his cute family are here visiting from Seattle. So, we decided to wear them out yesterday by taking them downtown to the museum and the fountains. Then, we topped it off with a mini-family BBQ at my sisters. The kids were exhausted and the parents could barely move. It was worth it though (or so we keep telling ourselves). Seriously though, it was fun and we have had so much fun having them visit. I need to get more shots of their kids, but these are a few from the last week.
If you can't tell, I was in the mood for black and white, and just messing around with the coloring. Still no Photoshop (which is fine because I am not disciplined enough to learn how to use it right now), but we try.

One of the best things about summer: bare feet!
I was going for the old-school look here....what do you think?

This is one of the first shots of my niece where I realized that she really is growing up and is not a toddler anymore. Crazy!
Could you enjoy a Popsicle any more than this??? Thank goodness for a hose at times like this.

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EngineeringNerd said...

Very Cute Kids. Keep up the good work. I hope your house sells soon!