Monday, August 20, 2007

Speed Session

So, my brother and his family came to visit last week with their 3 kids. We had a lot of fun, but it was sure crazy! We kept talking about going out somewhere to take family pictures for them, but never got to it. So, instead, we did a mega-speed session before church on Sunday. The pictures turned out pretty good considering the lack of good light and good back grounds. I am actually not posting their family shots because I didn't like the background it them...way too busy. The rest of them turned out okay, but I would definitely like to have some more time next time around so that we can get some good lighting and good backgrounds going on. Aren't they cute though? We will just have to have you come visit again, guys! Thanks again for letting me practice a little on you.

I am also signed up for some Photoshop classes and am getting my hands on a version of Photoshop (I'm not sure which one yet) from Jer's sister. So, hopefully I can learn how to post-process outside of basic Picasa. For now, this will have to do.

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Dave & Krista Hill said...

Annie, I'm not a fan of the pictures with me in them (Dave says, "Shocker.") but that has nothing to do with your photography skills.

I LOVE the black and whites of my kids and of Dave & Ty. I'll give you a call or something, because I would love to get those. Any chance you can email them to me, or do I need to order them and have them mailed?

We love your blog, by the way. So great.

Krista & Sleeping Kids

ps. Tyler actually slept through the night last night! First time in three months. I felt wonderful today and actually recognized myself in the mirror. Yeah!