Friday, July 6, 2007

More of Ella!

I had my second session with beautiful Ella and her Mom. She had an amazing blessing dress for her this time. I am still learning about positioning while still trying to look natural and I have yet to get a Photoshop program, so I am working with the generic editing program. I am experimenting with doing things manually on my camera and it is going pretty well. I am looking forward to my classes in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for letting me practice on you , Ella!
Doesn't this first one look like they are in heaven or something?She did not want to grip her Mom's finger, but we finally got a great shot of her cute little ring.
I loved the coloring on this one. It almost looks antique.
She has beautiful, blue eyes. You can see my shadow in the catch lights in her eyes....oops!

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Jamie said...

I have photoshop and love it, but the learning curve is a bit steep. However -- I use picasa for most things b/c it is so much easier -- if you are going to use phtoshop I would take classes in it -- my mom took them at HCC and then I would do all her assignments over to learn it -- it was great!