Saturday, July 28, 2007

Family BBQ

We had a fam BBQ to celebrate the 24th, which is a holiday in Utah. It was stressful for the most part because I was "in charge", but if you know my family at all, there are way too many Chiefs, and not enough Indians if you know what I mean. Despite me being stressed, I had to bust out the camera to practice on my family. We have only girl grandkids in Utah, the boys all live outside of the state, so I haven't had much practice with boys. Girls are hilarious though. Check out my niece in her princess crown and earrings. Her new thing is pretending that she is a bride 24-7.
I attended a class for my Canon SLR and learned some little things that I could change with the settings on my camera and I have loved the difference! Before, I had a hard time with coloring but with a few of the right clicks and wallah...color!

My sister and her girls. They are so cute!
This was my niece copying Eden's funny face:)
I really wish I hadn't cut off her head on this one, but I really liked the effect of focusing on her hand.

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