Sunday, June 8, 2008

Random Ramblings

I am a terrible blogger as any of you know who even bother to check this blog anymore. I don't know what it is about blogging that is so appealing to me when I read other friends blogs, but when it comes to making the time to write on my own, I get all turned off. I think I am much more of a face-to-face conversationalist. That is probably why I don't really enjoy talking on the phone. In fact, half of the time I don't pick up the phone when it rings because I don't like the idea of stopping whatever I am doing to talk on the phone....major turn off. This drives my sister nuts sometimes. We don't have caller ID, so it's not like I am purposely ignoring specific people, I just only answer if i happen to be by the phone, or if i am really expecting a call. Otherwise, I rely on the idea in my head that "If it is important enough, "they" will leave a message." After all, that is what I do.
When we lived in Texas, I was much better at sending out pictures of the family, or talking on the phone, or e-mailing, etc. because I never saw anybody in person. So, I knew that unless I wanted to seem like a complete jerk, I had to keep in touch. Now that we live here, and my Hill side of the family has a private blog, and most of both of our families and friends live within an hour of here, I really have gotten lazy with e-mailing, and blogging. So, if there are any of you still out there wondering what we are up to around here, I apologize. I am actually thinking of turning this "photography blog" into a family blog because maybe I would share more of what we are up to more often. What do you all think?

Since this is so is a very random pic. of Jer from last summer because blogs are always better when there are pictures involved. Ha! You love when I put your picture up on here, don't you my dear?

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