Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Working on it...or, Working it!

One of my goals for the year is to work on some aspect of photography every Friday.  Why Friday??  Only because the words "photography" and "Friday" both begin with the same sound.  It helps me remember to do it, seeing as I am working with a brain that is cram-packed with routines, ideas, random information, and useless well as still running on interrupted sleep and a shorter supply of brain cells due to nursing.  That is why.
Anyway, last Friday was actually warm enough to be outside.  Still wearing jackets and coats, but the sun was shining and we thought maybe Spring had arrived early.  The kids were out enjoying their new-found freedom, and I busted out the Canon and snapped a few in full sun.
Full sun is always challenging for me.  Harsh light and lack of confidence shooting on full-manual makes me rely too much on the "P" setting.  Thank heavens for Lightroom and digital photography for a amateur like me who cannot devote a lot of time to learning what my camera and lens are fully capable of.
It is a process, and I am enjoying the process and am determined to keep moving onward and upward and challenge myself to try new things throughout the year.
Maybe someday I will get "there".  Whatever "there" may be.

PS.  There is a new post on the family blog:
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AJ said...

Good Perspectives! expressions superbly captured.. great work