Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seriously Sweet

My little one continues to get cuter every day.  I think her hair is growing even longer!  She is now 3 months, and I am starting to get back into the swing of things.  So, hopefully, I will make more time for photography.  I decided to download the new version of Lightroom and save up for it while I am using the free trial...see, how I am working the system (and the budget ).  It really is incredible and can do so much more than Lightroom 1.  I am loving it! 


RORYJEAN said...

You make such beautiful babies. Seriously adorable!

Mike and Shayla said...

Her eyes are so pretty, and how cute is that tuft of hair!

Is the light just from a window?

Laurie said...

So, did you get the lens?

Andrea said...

Yes, the light is just from the window, but I did use some editing help from Lightroom to add a bit more light and lessen the shadow. I am a fan of natural light.
No, I haven't bought the lens yet. I will though...when I get the guts up to do it. I have issues when it comes to purchasing anything that costs more than $50.