Friday, November 20, 2009

Family Photo

This is us.  I posted this on our private family blog, but didn't realize that I didn't post it here.  Woopsie daisy!  This is my sweet family of 4 that seems to be growing faster than I can keep up.  I didn't take this photo....obviously.  My Dad was kind enough to let me get it all set up and have him take a whack at it.  He did a great job!  We are loving life and can't believe that it is nearly Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday, by the way). 
ps.  We just found out that my little brother and his wife are expecting triplets!!  Any pointers on photographing triplets would be more than welcome.  I am already making plans to have them in front of the lens.  Fun Fun!

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Summer said...

ever thought of 3 peas in a pod? or three pigs in a blanket? or 3 of something? I don't know. Themes might be tacky. But they could be cute, too, maybe?