Monday, November 2, 2009

Family #2

These are some shots that I took of the second family from last weekend. We were lucky/blessed to have about an hour in between rain storms to be able to get these done. Different location, and different feel than the others, but I was happy with the results...hopefully, they were as well. What do y'all think? (yeah, our time in Texas did rub off on me a little ;) )

Beautiful little girl!

Don't you love this one? The girls are all perfect, and the little stud is all "This is lame".

What a great looking family!

I had to convince Miss A to let me take one without her glasses, but she insisted on the no-teeth smile. Turned out sweet though.


TravelMama said...

Both families look beautiful! Great job!

Summer said...

REally great photos of both families! I wonder where you took this groups' photos. The green in the back really brings out the colors of the people. It's very cool.