Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday's Are Great!

My smokin' hot husband got me a new lens for my birthday!  I am already loving it.  It is my first lens, other than the kit lens that came with my camera. And although it is not an L-series lens (or any other lens that I could never justify purchasing, but drool over when rented,) it has made me very happy and continues to impress.  I am looking forward to getting out and using it.
Here is one image of my 5-year old sweetheart that posed for some of my practice:


EngineeringNerd said...

Woohoo! How fun! Way to go Jeremy. I can't wait to see more pictures.

Lesley said...

Do you do weddings? If so, how much and do you have any samples of weddings you've done in the past?

Andrea said...

I haven't done weddings. I am flattered that you think I could though :) Maybe down the road 5-10 years when I'm not such a "young Mother" and hopefully feel more confident behind the lens.

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