Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family photos

Here are some of the family photos. My friend, Rob, took the photos of our whole family and the shots of Jer and I and I edited them. I took the photos of the girls.
I was so happy to get some family photos! It is hard to get me in the picture these days instead of behind the camera. What do you think?


Maxmomma said...

Wow! Those are BEAUTIFUL! Good shots Rob! I adore this one of Amelia- she has so much personality! The picture of you and Jer is awesome at the end too- it is so fun to have one work out so well of both of you (always feels like one person is on when the other is off in our photos). What a cool group of photos to put on the wall!

Also- where is your location? I am loving that!

Stacy Holmes said...

Did I ever tell you.." Andrea, you've got talent"
Beautiful job, girlfriend!

Angie and Paul Evans Family said...

Andrea - these pictures are beautiful - I guess that's easy to do when you have beautiful subjects!! It's so fun to see your talent - thanks for sharing!!

Summer said...

Nice! Very nice! The girls look adorable and I like the colors. Good job!