Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blue Eyes

Jeremy took this one. Impressive! I just darkened the background a little (I wish I could get it all the way black!) and saturated the colors a little. Very nice work, Jeremy. Isn't she adorable, by the way? She is growing so fast!


Washington Hills said...

Oh, MillieGirl, you are so lovely!

Bertie said...

I love her blue eyes!! She is a doll- and yes- I agree- great picture!

ashley said...

hello. I'm not sure how I stumbled onto your blog anymore... probably a friend of mine is friends with you on fb?? anyhow, the other day I favorited your blog to look back at later.. I'm an aspiring photographer and LOVE looking at other's people's work!! just now I was scrolling through your blog looking at the photos and came across this one. you mentioned wanting the background more black... have you tried the burn tool? probably so, but I'm not sure why that didn't work.. I've used it for many photos. I just thought I'd suggest it. great work by the way and cute family!