Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just for a laugh

Isn't it funny the things that we will make our kids do so that we can get a little chuckle. Ah....the life of motherhood. You have to become your own comedian. This really was hilarious though.
By the way, our Easter was great. We celebrate the fun, easter bunny stuff on Saturday. The best was when our little miss woke us up and said "Daddy, you have GOT to come and see what I got." This girl absolutely loves candy. The Easter Bunny only brought her 3 eggs filled with jelly beans and M&M's, but she was delighted. He also brought her some books, which she has insisted on reading every night for the past week.
I should post some pics from Easter, but this will have to do for now.
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Jen and Jeremy said...

That's so cute! Let's just hope she doesn't want to wear the same thing when she's sixteen, right???

Melody said...

Love it! Lilah has the exact same pare of tights and they are super long on her too! Great picture!