Friday, February 22, 2008

Remember this baby?

Does anybody remember this cute baby from last summer? I thought she had chubby cheeks then, look at her now! She is the cutest little baby that I have seen in a long time. She has quite the feisty personality too, but is such a good little one. I included a shot of her when she was about 3 months (I think), and one from the other day.
One of my best friends, Emily, was in town for a few weeks and while she was here we took a few shots of her little girl. We didn't get a lot of variety because it was indoors, and she was getting anxious to play with the other kids, but there are definitely some cute shots.
She is 7 months now. It is still crazy to me how fast they grow and how fast time flies. I still can't believe Eden is three, so there you go.
It was fun to take some shots again, although I felt quite rusty. These were just taken with my regular lens that came with my camera. That is all I have for now. I just can't seem to justify spending that kind of money on a new lens when we have so many other things that need to be done. I have decided to just start stashing some of my money into an envelope, and one of these days I will have enough to buy another lens.

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Brooke said...

She's precious! Cute pictures! Bytheway--I just noticed your family picture in your profile. It's SOOOO great! Everyone is looking the right way and smiling and you look gorgeous!